The story begins in the town of Mistlevale. It’s a medium-sized town that was a trading outpost between the human empire of Nerath and neighboring communities of dwarves, elves, and eladrin. It was a somewhat remote outpost near a larger city to the south called Knightsbridge. When the empire of Nerath fell some decades ago, the road to Knightsbridge fell into disuse and disconnected the settlement from more central locations. As things have settled down, Knightsbridge has turned into a rather successful port city, shipping goods from various groups to the rest of the coast. The actual bridge of Knightsbridge has fallen into disrepair. The area is somewhat northerly, but water currents keep it rather temperate in climate. To the north is a mountain which holds back a glacier from the area. It is the most northerly port on the coast of the Azure Sea. Mistlevale is near the mountains, by the source of the Serpent River. Halflings have a nearby settlement on riverboats that docks in another fork, and they run a brisk trade between Mistlevale and Knightsbridge. For most PC races, there are nearby settlements, Tieflings having found refuge with the Eladrin and Dragonborn with the Dwarves, or both Mistlevale and Knightsbridge, while originally human in composition, have become more metropolitan and have members of most races in their communities.

Nearby communities include Syndaril, The White Tower, and Citadel Mountaingate.

Nearby places of interest include the Pantheon Temple and Hallow Pass.


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