After finding a bit of rest in Mistlevale following their recent adventures, a mysterious pair of adventurers appeared in town. While Thadwick’s fliers in the pub (which he so recently decided not to patronize) got no responses, there was a call to adventure. A human wizard, Erebus, and a dwarven fighter, Marlough, were seeking out Alistair. Erebus was bearing a note from his mater, Norbus to Alistair. Despite their being chief rivals, it seems that they needed to work together. Unfortunately, Alistair was out of town, and had left No-Merit in charge. Faced with the task of heading to the East of Daggergard to seal an ancient pyramid, the two groups banded together.

Having pooled their knowledge to determine how they might get to Daggergard, the group decided they could either take a long overland trek along the now disused road from the time of Nerath, which might take almost a week, or they could take a ship, which would take a few days, but might be costly. The party decided to take the ship after deliberation, and headed to Knightsbridge to find passage to Daggergard.

The trip to Knightsbridge was uneventful, with only some scurrying kobolds disturbing the party at all. When they arried in Knightsbridge, they headed straight for the docks. There, they were approached by a half-elven man with an eyepatch, who offered to take them to Daggergard, for 300 gold pieces… each. The party balked at the exorbitant offer, but the half-elf wouldn’t take no for an answer, and produced a number of goons to back it up. The party was particularly pressed by the human hexer he brought along, and at one point, the half-elf ran away, only to return and dominate No-Merit, but with the help of their new compatriots, were able to defeat all but one of the toughs, who fled beneath the docks.

After their battle, the party was approached by a more reputable captain, captain Davros. Davros’s ship was short-handed, so he was willing to take the party to Daggergard in exchange for their help running it. The party agreed, and they left the following morning.

The first day’s sailing was fairly uneventful, until early afternoon, when two specks appeared in the skies, closing fast. Olivine was able to place the larger one as a blue dragon, but the other was too small to identify. Faced with the choice of attacking a dragon from range or letting it board, the party let it land, which shook the ship mightily, and the dragon roared “Why did you do this to me!?” in Draconic. Luckily, No-Merit and Thadwick both spoke Draconic, and got to the bottom of the situation. The second speck was a harpy, who had been irritating the dragon for days about how these adventurers had slain her sister. The dragon had had quite enough, and the party offered to kill the harpy to assuage the dragon. While the dragon waited impatiently and even taunted the party as it passed, the companions went about trying to take out the harpy. Once again, the harpy called a number of party members over the deck of the ship with its song, but the party was able to take out the harpy before the dragon lost its patience, and it left, roaring “Don’t ever do that again!”

As the day rolled on into the dusk, and all aboard the ship grew weary, Olivine, acting as lookout, saw dark shapes approaching in the water, and the party readied itself for an attack. A band of sahuagin raiders had come to attack the ship, along with a trained frosthawk as a lookout and decoy. While their priests assaulted the group from the waters, their warriors boarded the ship. Once again, Erebus’s zones proved quite effective in close quarters, but, being unused to shipboard combat, he accidentally created a fiery zone around the frost hawk while it was perched on the main mast. As the battle led on, the flames grew, and when Olivine attempted to climb the mast to gain a better angle of attack on the priests, the mast toppled over the side of the ship. While the party won the day, the ship was crippled and ablaze.

Much of the evening and the early night was spent dousing the flames and keeping the ship seaworthy. The crew formed a bucket brigade to help, and several of the adventurers used ice spells, and their own might to help the cause. Everyone took shifts to keep someone working on keeping them afloat, and in the morning, the adventurers heard the lookout holler about an approaching ship with no flags flying… a sure sign of pirates. With a crippled ship, the party had little to do except take positions to ready for the attack.

It was a formidable crew, indeed, including a genasi hydromancer, who managed to pull several party members overboard a number of times, as well as a cutthroat pirate crew, and a wily captain. The party managed to triumph by learning to use the pirates’ tactics against them, hurling pirates overboard and taking the fight to the other ship. In the end, the party even managed to take out the fleeing genasi, and capture the pirates’ ship. A number of hours loading the cargo from the original ship to the new ship later, the group set out once more, and by the end of the day, could see Daggergard on the horizon…



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