Awaking in the first room of the pyramid after a night of disturbing, gory dreams. Feeling much better rested, the party headed out to investigate the parts of the pyramid they had not yet explored.

The party first investigated the ominous, sigil-marked door in the lower floor of the pyramid. Manipulating the arcane weave of the sigil, the door swung open, revealing a room with a shimmering, glowing floor in the center, and two thrones on the far side of the room with two bodies seated upon them. As the party entered the room, the smaller one on the right stood and shouted “Kneel before Quelenna and Kadim-Sul!”

While Olivine stayed in the hallway taking cover, Marlow and Thadwick charged forward, meeting Quelenna’s rapid assault. While No-Merit advanced more cautiously to support the party while Erebus skirted the fray and sent an immobilizing spell towards Kadim-Sul, who roared in fury at not being able to fight with his beloved. Thadwick attempted to pin down Quelenna, but her shifting style made it nearly impossible for him to keep her from attacking all those around her with her shining blade. As Kadim-Sul shook off the immobilizing spell and joined the battle, Marlow moved to engage him, and consequently suffered his fiery wrath. As Olivine sprang from cover to launch her spells at the melee, and No-Merit supported the party with his curative and protective magic, the party slowly wore down these two powerful and resilient opponents. Thadwick drank a dragon breath potion and frequently breathed fire to catch both opponents in the blast and felt great closeness to his deity. As Quelenna was struck down, she muttered her curse, inflicting mummy rot upon all of the party save Olivine. Howling in Fury, Kadim-Sul surged forward in fury, only to finally be cut down. As the party caught their breath after this difficult fight, they heard (and felt) a tremendous rumbling sound, and were torn between searching for treasure and running for safety. While the party hesitated, Marlow’s dwarven instincts noticed a downward movement of the whole structure, and before the party came to a decision, the movement abruptly stopped.

Seeing no further danger, the party searched the throne room, finding an ornate lapis lazuli necklace, 500 gold pieces, and a potion of healing.

Heading up the stairs to the highest floor, where the party remembered there was a high skylight, from which they could stil see sunlight. Marlow and Thadwick attempted to throw a grapple into the skylight, but had quite a bit a difficulty. Seeing the trouble, Olivine teleported out of the hole, which she then saw was too small for her to squeeze back through. As she considered whether to leave or to return to the rest of the party, she heard a thunderous roar from over a rocky outcropping to the West. Using her mercurial form, she rejoined the party inside the pyramid. The party soon realized that their only real option for escape was to go through the passage into the Underdark in the basement.

Realizing that braving the Underdark would prove difficult, the party sought to clear out the final passage in the pyramid in order to rest before moving on. Heading down that passage, they found a very still room lined with sarcophogi. As they approached, a small whirlwind started moving in the center of the room, kicking up rocks, dust, and debris. The party moved up the narrow hallway, but were met by a slithering, iron cobra, and soon saw a mummy and a warforged move forward to engage them. The party used the narrow passage to keep the enemies from attacking all at once, but similarly found themselves constrained. Seeing their enemies massed by the door, Erebus cast Grasp of the Grave, harming the enemies and keeping them in check. Attempting to get into the room, Marlow and Erebus forced their enemies back, and Olivine rushed into the room. Unfortunately, as she entered the room, she found that it had been trapped with a Glyph of Warding, which exploded, burning her, but also a number of enemies. Having seen teh explosion, Olivine was worried how she would escape. Between the explosion and the necrotic, grasping hands, the party’s foes did not last long. As the last foe dropped, Olivine was tempted to teleport out of the room with her Misty Step, but realized she had one final teleport left, so she took the time to search the room, being the only one who had actually entered the room. She found a pair of magical gauntlets on the warforged, and promptly teleported away, rather than attempt to disrupt the sigil.

Taking time to rest in the newly emptied pyramid, the party reluctantly ventured into the Underdark.

Venturing through the dark, quiet, and unfamiliar environment, the party remained cautious. Their caution proved fortuitous, as they managed to sneak up on the direguard who had escaped from them two days ago. While the party got the drop on the direguard and his hobgoblin slaves, they did not notice the ambush he had placed with two floating deathshards. While Thadwick and Marlow were trapped between the death shards and the direguard, Olivine and Erebus took cover behind stalagmites and blasted away. No-Merit took out the majority of the hobgoblins with an icy blast, and Erebus took out the rest with Grasp of the Grave. Thadwick moved forward to engage the Direguard while a dazed Marlow attempted to engage some deathshards that hovered out of her reach. Using taunts, she brought them close and attacked them while Olivine attacked with her eldritch blasts. Seeing his allies wittled down, the direguard attempted to escape once again, fleeing down a tunnel emanating a palpable evil. The party refused to let him escape, however, and pursued despite the danger, and the direguard was finally brought down by a well-placed magic missile from Erebus. Afterwards, the party faced further risk to check the direguard for treasure, where they found a suit of magical leather armor, a lamp of discernment, and a moonstone rune set.

Recoiling from the passage emanating evil, the party instead headed down an alternate passage. Trudging forward in the darkness, the party came across a 10 foot wide underground river. Feeling fatigued and uncertain about their abilities to cross the deep, swift-running water, No-Merit summoned a floating disc using a ritual, and the party started to cross over riding the disc. Thadwick was first, but once he set foot on the other side, two ghostly creatures appeared, and were followed by a carrion crawler and a grell. Seeing an opening, Marlow called out to No-Merit to help throw her across the gap. As she leapt across, No-Merit put all his force into throwing her across. Stepping briefly on the floating disc, she made the opposite shore and began the assault on the ghosts. Erebus and Olvine blasted at the creatures from across the water as No-Merit brought the disc closer to cross himself. As Thadwick faced off against the carrion crawler, No-Merit made the other shore and turned the ghosts, who retreated into the walls. Flying across the gap, the grell assaulted the exposed arcanists, who focused on the threat at hand. Just as the battle seemed to be going well, the ghosts returned and possessed both Thadwick and Marlow. Thadwick then attacked No-Merit, but the ghost possessing Marlow had other things in mind, forcing her to leap into the water. As both forced the possessing creatures out, Marlow struggled to escape the water as Thadwick focused on the ghost who had possessed him. Seeing the grell well in hand and No-Merit in danger, Olivine teleported to the opposite shore to help defend her companion. Rather than let her face the danger alone, No-Merit commanded the carrion crawler away with divine power. As Thadwick finished off one ghost, Marlow escaped the water and forced back the other. No-Merit and Olivine finished off the carrion crawler as Erebus tried to escape the grell. Finally, the last ghost was defeated, and Thadwick jumped onto the floating disc to attack the grell, who exploded in brain matter, coating him in it.

In some nearby remains (presumably of the ghostly figures), the party found a gold sapphire necklace and 20 gold pieces. Seeing no secure place to rest, the party prepared to press on….



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