Into the Desert

Having arrived in Daggergard, the party asked around about routes to the pyramid. They learned that there were two available routes, a disused road through a pass known to be inhabited by bandits, or a long trek through a trackless desert. The party headed East towards the pass, where they were accosted by dragonborn bandits with a number of trained drakes. The bandits demanded a toll of 200 gold pieces, and went along with the idea when Thadwick asked, “Each?” The party was unwilling to pay 1,000 gold to get through the pass, so they had to show the bandits what for.

Having slain the bandits, and recovered a Helm of Battle as well as a jade statuette of a dragon, they headed out of the craggy hills and into the sandy desert. There, they were attacked from two sides. On one side, they were attacked by a tiefling, a half-orc, and a rust monster, intent on robbing them, and an escaped mummy guardian and a rot scarab swarm, intent on killing them. Showing great fear of the rust monster, as adventurers often do, the party focused on it first, leaving them open to the attacks of the mummy and rot scarab swarm, which were much more devastating. The swarm nearly consumed No-Merit, and the majority of the party contracted mummy rot before the end of the encounter, but the two bandits posed little more than a nuisance for the experienced adventurers. Having overcome the threat, the party retrieved a gem and some gold from the bandits.

Low on health and with many members having contracted mummy rot, the party wanted to take a rest right there. Unfortunately, in the middle of the desert, they were much too exposed and would have harmed themselves trying to find rest. Lacking any tools to set up tents or find cover, they reluctantly pressed on towards the shining top of the pyramid on the horizon.

As the party approached the pyramid, they stopped to make plans. Unfortunatley, Thadwick scouted ahead to see around the side of the pyramid, and caught the attention of some undead congregated on that side. Both groups rushed to meet each other, and the party was dazed by their nearness to the pale reaver, and might have perished save for No-Merit’s conjuration of consecrated ground, which kept the party going and hindered their enemies. Erebus and Marlow also pushed the knot of enemies apart to allow them to be better engaged, while Olivine stayed at distance to make precision strikes, and Thadwick engaged a deathrattle viper. While the battle was going well, towards the end, a Bonecrusher skeleton decided to target Olivine while she was out in the open. It was a tight battle, but in the end, only the deathrattle viper remained, and it attempted to escape up the pyramid. The party tried to follow it and kill it, which caused Thadwick to set off the poisoned dart wall on the other side of the pyramid. Shrugging off the effects of the poison, Thadwick threw his sword with his new dwarven throwers, and ended the threat.

Once again worse for the wear after an intense combat, the party rested overnight outside the pyramid, where they practiced new skills and were met by a grizzled dragonborn merchant.

In the morning, the party headed inside the pyramid, having found the secret trigger for the door. In the entryway, they interrupted a ritual by a cult of Orcus to raise a dread zombie. Unfortunately, the ritual had lasted through the night, and the zombie was now ready. As the party headed in to investigate, they were surrounded by hiding cultists. Battle ensued, and Olivine and Erebus, as ranged attackers were harried on all sides by cultists, limiting their options. After clearing out the lackeys, the party pressed forward onto an area of blood rock, where the combat became more brutal. No-Merit handily burned off the zombie’s head with a well-placed sacred flame, while Thadwick kept the death priest nailed down. Marlow, Erebus, and Olivine took down the crimson acolytes, and the day was won. The party searched the area, and found magical braidmail, an emerald, and some gold under the altar.

Having entered the pyramid and found shelter, and seeing no apparent way further into the pyramid, the group rested for the evening.



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