Northern Interlude

The Bear Clans of the North are a proud people who hunt and trade their excess to the dwarves of Citadel Mountaingate for fine weapons. They have several villages that rarely interact, except for at a summer festival, where each village sends a champion who competes in various sporting events, including races, stone tossing, and wrestling. These events are highly competitve, but this is a yearly bringing together of the tribe, and the events are followed by extensive feasting and revelry.

The summer is coming to a close, and the summer festival has come to a close. Normally, the tribes would retreat to their own territories and hunt extensively to prepare for the coming winter, but this year is unusual. Oracles have predicted the coming of a great and dangerous force which threatens the Bear Clans. Clans have dealt with attacks from the Hallow Pass before, but this time was different. Two of the Clan’s greatest heroes of old are heading out with the champions of each of the three villages to band together against the coming storm.

Lithael is the oldest hero. An elven seeker, fifty years ago, she destroyed a remorhaz nest which threatened the whole region. She has since taken to living in the West towards the Hallow Pass, standing as a guardian for the region while occasionally trading with the various clans. She is emotionally distant, since elves are rare in the area, and she has faced discrimination in the past, but she is dedicated to the safety of the inhabitants of the region.

Gunnar is a middle aged human shaman. In his youth, he was initiated after a severe illness caused him to have visions of spirits. After uniting the clans against an orcish horde and eventually merging some of the survivors into the clans, he developed the idea of the summer festival so that the tribes could be united. He lives in his own yurt in between the three clan’s territories, acting as a healer, spiritual guide, and uniter of the tribes.

Thar is the champion of the Clan of the Mighty Oak, living in the eastern taiga forest. The Half-Orc son of the current chieftan, this mighty barbarian won the wrestling contest at this year’s summer festival. He is proud and brooks no questions about his heritage. He is a great war-leader, and very confident about his prowess and ability to take on the coming conflict.

Larissa is the champion of the Great Glacier Clan. A human druid, and creature of the cold, she won the race at the summer festival, by turning into a winter wolf. Her customary beast form is a polar bear, but she is able to take other forms as needs be. Much of her power comes from the arctic cold and the chill wind that comes across the glaciers. She dresses primarily in white, and is often cold in demeanor.

Thalia is the champion of the Cave Bear Clan that live in the Southern Mountains. She is a goliath warden, who won the stone throwing contest at this year’s summer festival. A great protector of her people, she was found as an orphan by the clans there and raised as their own. It was not known that she was a goliath for several years. The people there did not miss the potential, and she rose to the challenge, protecting her people from many threats and trying to prove that she was worth saving.

These are great champions, all, but can they rise above the strife between their tribes to unite against a common enemy?



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