The game begins as the characters meet up in Mistlevale. No Merit Venantius and Thadwick are childhood friends and native to Mistlevale. Enna is an elf who is escaping from her family’s designs to seek out her own destiny. Arannis has studied the arts of the swordmage in the White Tower for around a hundred years, and seeks more practical applications of his skill than sparring. Olivine is a gnome whose parents were killed by a mysterious disease and has had to fend for herself for some time. Olivine takes the other two fey members of the party under her wing, as they are less worldly than her, and they meet up with No-Merit and Thadwick at a local pub where Thadwick, having had a few ales, attempts to show off his sword-throwing prowess, and manages not to decapitate anyone.

The next morning, No-merit is contacted by his mentor, Alistair who tells him to pay a visit to his foster father, Verannis at the Pantheon Temple. No-Merit gathers his slightly hung-over friends (some more slightly hung over than others) and they head out on the road South.

After a day’s travel, the party encounter a kobold raiding party in a dried out riverbed, and receive their first taste of combat. After several mistakes by the kobold party and a sound defeat for the rest of the members, the wyrmpriest and some slingers attempt to escape, but the party chases them down through the woods and defeats the last of them, earning a nice sum of silver pieces.

The group encounters no further trouble reaching the Pantheon Temple, and No-Merit speaks with Verannis, who awkwardly praises the members of the party, and presents No-Merit with a magical holy symbol in honor of his showing such promise. The group is suspicious of Verannis when he immediately turns them around to head back to Mistlevale, but they head back in short order.

On the road back from the Pantheon Temple, the group encounters a ruined wagon waylaid by two fire beetles and an ochre jelly. The tiefling merchant appears to be unconscious but not yet dead. The group valorously defeats the monsters, and, despite some misgivings about the nature of the unconscious tiefling, heal him. He reveals himself as Marius a local merchant. In thanks for his rescue, he offers a pact blade he found, and was able to identify as a tiefling weapon. The group escorts Marius back to Mistlevale, where he treats them to a round at the pub.

No-Merit visits Alistair to see what was so important that he had to turn right around after just having reached the Pantheon Temple, and Alistair speaks of a great threat to the north of Mistlevale in the Hallow Pass. There has been an increase in the activity of undead creatures attacking nearby farmsteads, and Alistair is busy with another venture to the Southwest. He asks No-Merit to look into it for him, feeling confident in his new abilities. He also explains that while Verannis has cared for No-Merit for much of his life, he is not comfortable expressing his feelings, and wanted to give some tangible expression to No-Merit when this emergency happened, cutting short his reunion. No-Merit strikes a hard bargain with Alistair, but agrees to help.

The party sets out the next day towards the Hallow Pass. They pass through the forest towards some nearby farmsteads, and are assaulted by a goblin warband who have cunningly laid a trap. The party grabs up the bait, and are assaulted from behind by two blackblades. The party overcomes this difficulty, however, and wins the day, the goblin hexer trying to bluff the party, and, failing that, flee. The party once more chases down its prey successfully.

Having neared a farm, the party notices rustling in the field, and face a number of skeletons and a fearsome looking creature, who is eventually revealed to be the farmer’s scarecrow after the group fells it. The party repairs the scarecrow after the defeat of the skeletons, and go to investigate the farmhouse.

The farmhouse is deathly quiet, and when the group looks inside, it is covered in blood, and still inhabited by skeletons and zombies! The group forms a cunning strategy of forcing the zombies into a bottleneck in the foyer of the building where Thadwick can stop them from exiting while No-Merit and Enna assault them with ranged attacks. Arannis teleports inside and is swiftly surrounded while Olivine sneaks over to the window to take out the skeletal archers. An excellent bluff by Olivine with ghost sound leads to confusion in the zombie ranks, and the group fells the last of them. The party searches the farmhouse, and finds some foodstuffs, and a magical longsword under the bed that the previous inhabitants were unable to make use of before they were slain. The party decides to burn the bodies of the inhabitants to grant them final rest and prevent them from rising as the living dead themselves.

Passing through the fields of the farm towards the foothills as the evening draws near, the party encounters two stormclaw scorpions, a needlefang drake swarm, and an imp near a small cave. The swarm nearly claims some members of the party, but the group prevails in the end. However, to their dismay, the imp escapes them. They manage to find his stash of treasure, though, which eases their pain somewhat.

Passing into the foothills, the group is assalted by a strike force of undead, including skeletons, zombies, and gravehounds. This is a hard-fought battle, but the party eventually emeges victorious and claim some loot from the corpses.

As night falls, the group passes into a windy mountain pass and discover a crazed necromancer performing his experiments where the necrotic energy is stronger in the pass. He sends his undead minions to attack the party while he blasts them from behind their ranks, and just as the party has nearly dealt with his minions, and Arannis has closed with him, he conjures more. The party deals with the renewed threat, and in the end, Enna sends the necromancer sailing into a windy pass where he is slammed into the wall, ending his struggle. The crazed necromancer had little of value except his experiments and his magical staff.

Having secured the pass, and made the farms north of Mistlevale much safer for it, the party returns home victorious. No-Merit receives his reward from Alistair, and dispenses it fairly between the party members, who go off to spend the rest of the evening at the local pub celebrating.



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