The Beginning

The game begins as the characters meet up in Mistlevale. No Merit Venantius and Thadwick are childhood friends and native to Mistlevale. Enna is an elf who is escaping from her family’s designs to seek out her own destiny. Arannis has studied the arts of the swordmage in the White Tower for around a hundred years, and seeks more practical applications of his skill than sparring. Olivine is a gnome whose parents were killed by a mysterious disease and has had to fend for herself for some time. Olivine takes the other two fey members of the party under her wing, as they are less worldly than her, and they meet up with No-Merit and Thadwick at a local pub where Thadwick, having had a few ales, attempts to show off his sword-throwing prowess, and manages not to decapitate anyone.

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