Across the Sea

After finding a bit of rest in Mistlevale following their recent adventures, a mysterious pair of adventurers appeared in town. While Thadwick’s fliers in the pub (which he so recently decided not to patronize) got no responses, there was a call to adventure. A human wizard, Erebus, and a dwarven fighter, Marlough, were seeking out Alistair. Erebus was bearing a note from his mater, Norbus to Alistair. Despite their being chief rivals, it seems that they needed to work together. Unfortunately, Alistair was out of town, and had left No-Merit in charge. Faced with the task of heading to the East of Daggergard to seal an ancient pyramid, the two groups banded together.

Thwarting The Invasion

The party, now consisting only of Thadwick, No-Merit, and Olvine, set out to the East from Syndaril, headed towards Mistlevale minus a grieving Enna. Their path took them through dangerous territory, in the battleground between the orcs and goblins. They attempted to sneak by, but took a wrong turn, and as a very large orcish war party closed in, they were forced to flee blindly into a swamp, where they were ambushed by ghouls, crocodiles, and muddy earth elementals. They managed to defeat the opposition, and found that the superstitious orcs had not followed them. Trudging on through the swamp, they made their way to Mistlevale.

From Mistlevale, Marius asked the group to escort him on a trading expedition, though he was very vague about their destination, only hinting that it was to the East and trading with “good people.” The party agreed, but were somewhat suspicious.

A Long Strange Trip

The party awoke in front of cave entrance once again surrounded by the party of elves from the previous day. During their travels to the cave, they had briefly passed through the forest, which they had promised not to do. In order to explain the situation, Arannis and Enna went with the elven party and the rest of the group, feeling short of time, pressed on.

Arannis and Enna’s trip northward with the elves was perilous, as they passed thorugh the battles between the goblins and orcs. Arannis heroically held off an orcish war party as the rest of the group escaped. His last stand allowed the others to escape.

The Westward Journey

Having arrived in Knightsbridge, the party split for the evening to pursue their individual interests. While Thadwick headed straight to the pub, No-Merit headed went in search of a library and an interesting book, while Arannis stayed in his room in the inn, enjoying a nice bottle of dandelion wine and a hot bath. Enna and Olivine, however, decided to make some trouble.


The group celebrates their recent victory at the Hallow Pass by having a round or three at the local pub, the Minotaur’s Horns. They are so busy celebrating that they don’t notice the small tiefling girl stealing their purses until she already has ones from No Merit Venantius and Thadwick. The girl runs away when she is noticed, and the party gives chase. The group makes some unexpected moves, and nearly reaches the tiny thief, but she manages to escape around a corner. When the group comes around that corner, they see her slip down the alleyway, and are faced with a group of human, elven, and halfling thugs. The thugs are handily dispatched by the heroes, though, and the party takes the booty and a small set of magical leather armor from one of the halflings. Rounding the corner, they find the little tiefling girl crying with the party’s coinpurses lying on the ground next to her. The group retrieves their purses, and the girl tells them her name, Ea, and of how she and others have been forced into a child slavery ring of pickpockets by a local tough. She details the location of the hideout on the South side of town to the group, and leads them there.

The Beginning

The game begins as the characters meet up in Mistlevale. No Merit Venantius and Thadwick are childhood friends and native to Mistlevale. Enna is an elf who is escaping from her family’s designs to seek out her own destiny. Arannis has studied the arts of the swordmage in the White Tower for around a hundred years, and seeks more practical applications of his skill than sparring. Olivine is a gnome whose parents were killed by a mysterious disease and has had to fend for herself for some time. Olivine takes the other two fey members of the party under her wing, as they are less worldly than her, and they meet up with No-Merit and Thadwick at a local pub where Thadwick, having had a few ales, attempts to show off his sword-throwing prowess, and manages not to decapitate anyone.

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